Our Services

How much do you charge?

Like most companies in our sector, we discuss our fee with each individual client with respect to each individual project. No two projects are the same. You can be confident that our fees are reasonable.

Why shouldn’t I proofread my own work?

It’s not strictly impossible to proofread your own work reliably, but there are several factors that may lead to a less than satisfactory result.

Perhaps you need support with critical language skills like spelling, grammar or punctuation. Perhaps your intimate acquaintance with the material makes it harder to spot points of difficulty for those who will be reading it for the first time. Perhaps double-checking citations and references is making you crazy. Perhaps your fatigue, or your impatience, or the pressure of competing commitments, or your two-year-old, are just too distracting.

With all of these pitfalls to negotiate, if you really must proofread your own work, you’ll do a much better job if you adopt a disciplined approach. For starters, don’t simply read over your work in silence. You need to hear the words as well as see them. Awkward phrases and weak formulations are discovered more reliably by speaking and listening than by silent reading. Read aloud, slowly and with expression, taking care to pronounce and consider each word individually and attentively.

Or — if you just prefer not to take chances — reach out to us. We have great skills, a helpful attitude, and a reasonable pricing policy.

Will you help me get a publisher for my book?

No, shopping your book to publishers is not something we do. We can help with making sure your book is ready to present. Once your manuscript is as polished as it can be, it’s up to you to either acquire an agent, select a publisher to send it to, or self-publish. The Writers’ Union of Canada website has some helpful tips.

If you edit my next best-seller, and it flops, I will sue you for millions of dollars.

That wasn’t a question.