Your book deserves
special care

Books are as different from one another as the authors who produce them, but all books have one thing in common. Writing one is a lot of work.

If you’re an author you know how many solitary hours, how much brainstorming, how much mental wrestling, what loss of incidental fluids like blood, sweat and tears a book may demand of you. For many writers, the time and effort of writing are well and gladly spent. Nevertheless, they also represent a large investment.

Soon you’ll be contacting publishers, the ones whose reaction will decide whether the investment pays off. You’re probably impatient to take that long awaited step. But before you do, wouldn’t it make sense to get a knowledgeable third party to check your work over for fixable flaws, to review it at every level from punctuation to structure to presentation?

Such is the connection of writers to their work that the prospect of having it edited by any other hand is almost always a painful one, akin to having a stranger criticise or correct one’s children. Yet the fact is that the very closeness of the connection makes it unwise for authors to rely on self-editing only.

When the time comes to prepare your manuscript to face the outside world, consider calling us in first for that final check-up. You’ll get the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes, of a detailed and sympathetic reading, of expert language assessment, of an inspection for structural problems, of a technical review that covers points ranging from formatting to document integrity to back-up practices.

Remember that publishers are only human.

Well, OK, they’re not. Publishers are corporations, but the reader assigned to your manuscript is a human with human frailties. The incoming pile is large, yet only a handful of manuscripts can be accepted. The need to make snap judgements, to reject unpromising manuscripts as rapidly as possible, is ever present. Like seemingly everything else, that haste works against the unknown author, but far more so if the author’s work is riddled with weaknesses.

Yes, rejection is part of the game. Getting the right fit between author and publisher can be elusive. Undertaking to bring a book to market is a big decision even for a publisher who likes your work. You may need to submit your MS over and over before it finds a home. But if it isn’t fit to submit in the first place, the entire effort is wasted.

Don’t bypass this opportunity to give your writing the best chance possible of being accepted. Request a consultation with one of our editors today.