Skilled support for
the scholarly writer

Whether you’re an undergrad with term papers due, a grad student finishing a thesis, a post-doc getting ready to publish or a professor with articles on the go, we can help.

It takes expertise to bring an important document up to a solid professional standard. It also takes time, a clear head, and fresh eyes. If you have all those ingredients in place, no worries. But otherwise, you might need help, which you can get from us.

“I don’t have time to proofread this paper!”

After all the effort of writing, revising and polishing, proofreading is sometimes treated as an afterthought, almost a formality. That’s a big mistake. To rush proofreading is to devalue the effort you have invested at every earlier stage of the writing process.

Your readers deserve the courtesy of a clean presentation, free of distracting errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Contact us for expert affordable help.

“I need someone to check my essay for structural, stylistic, spelling and syntax problems!”

You’ve selected your topic, you’ve done your research, you’ve marshaled your arguments, and you’ve done the laborious work of expressing the ideas in a first draft. Congratulations! The scholarly part is done.

But that doesn’t mean your paper is finished — there’s still plenty of work ahead. How often have you been puzzled or put off as a reader by a clumsy construction, or an ambiguity that the author obviously failed to notice? Perhaps you’ve paused at a sentence to puzzle out its meaning only to find that the more closely you consider it the less clear it becomes. If there are too many such difficulties in a paper, the flow of the argument is lost.

No one is immune from these types of errors. Everyone mskes mistakes, and everyone needs an editor to catch them! The strength of your argument and the solidity of your research are your own concern. The strength of its expression is a technical matter on which it is legitimate to seek our professional assistance.

“Our journal has articles that need editing!”

The landscape within which academic journals must operate is changing rapidly. It is a period of experiment. New forms are being tried as the Internet and other new media come into play.

Whether your journal is well established or just getting started, there’s one sure way you can make it stand out from the crowd. Make it read well. Make sure that every sentence of every article is framed with clarity and precision. Provide the reader with a fluent expression of new ideas, not a set of puzzles.

We are happy to consider assignments as small as an individual article, although our preference is to forge long-term collaborative relationships with journals where possible. If you are working to raise your journal’s prestige, and to provide articles of long-term value for your readership, we invite you to contact us to discuss whether our editorial services can serve the needs of your publication.